Other Rooms and Halls

Convention spaces with multi-purpose functions

Conference Rooms (9F - 12F)

19 conference rooms of various sizes (accommodating from 10 to 300 people) are optimal for any type of meeting, including small conferences, lectures, section meetings and study meetings

Reception Hall (6F)

Refined reception area can be freely arranged for multiple purposes (exhibitions, dances, concerts, parties, seminars, etc.). Floor space: 432 m2 (4,650 square feet). Standing reception capacity: 400 people

Audio-Visual Hall (2F)

Fitted with the latest AV equipment, the hall can also be used for a wide variety of meetings. Maximum capacity: 99 seats (including 5 units occupying wheelchair space)

Exhibition Gallery, Rehearsal Hall and Practice Rooms

Creative spaces ready to enrich local art and cultural activities

Exhibition Gallery (6F)

Superior display area consists of 3 rooms available for various kinds of exhibitions. Movable panels facilitate free arrangement of the space. Area: 651 m2 (7,007 square feet)

Rehearsal Hall (B1F)

With a frontage area approximately the same size as the main stage in the Medium Hall, about 263 m2 (2,831 square feet), it provides an ideal place for performance rehearsals and practice

Practice Rooms (B1F)

4 practice rooms of different sizes are ideal for music, drama or other types of rehearsals and practice.